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Coffee Pods- Gold blend


Coffee pods our compatible with our Frog coffee machines to bring you barista quality coffee.


Product Description

A pod of 7 grams of roasted, ground and pressed coffee ensures the perfect espresso at home or at the office. Available in dispenser packs of 18 or 150 units in the following flavours:


Excellent blend of aromatic coffee, full bodied, slightly sweet flavour with a pleasantly sour aftertaste. Usually enjoyed between meals.


A mixture of good strong coffee aroma and full bodied pleasantly acidic flavour. The mix was created to satisfy especially the more demanding customer.

Puerto Rico

A very aromatic glen with a sweet taste, almost honey like, characterised by a good body and long finish.


Blend of decaffeinated coffee using the Demus method that keeps the aroma of toast and a slightly sweet taste. This is a more digestible coffee blend and is suitable for those who cannot tolerate caffeine.

Additional Information

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